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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  August 13, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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- yeah, correct. he just wasn't there. i mean i wanted to tell him all the exciting things. i was like, "oh my gosh, i want to tell you i'm having a baby. and tell you in all these cute ways." and then i have to tell you in this horrific way, like, "hey, you really need to come home. i really need your support." - where was he? where did he go? - he ended up staying in columbus, which is a 20-minute drive from our house. um, it has like 20,000 people in it. like i said, i live in a small town that's got like 700 people in it. so to be in columbus is huge-- well, l.a. is huge, but. - did you have any idea what triggered him leaving? - um, i didn't at the time. i mean i had no clue. i thought i was doing everything that i was supposed to be doing. i was working. i thought i was cleaning the house enough. i thought he was getting treated great. i mean we went shopping and bought-- i mean i bought him clothes. i've done everything for him that i could possibly think of-- that i wasn't giving him enough attention. i didn't, you know. - let's talk about your baby. i know your baby was ill and you had to take her to the hospital and justin wasn't even there. - no, we-- - you couldn't even find justin
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because he turned off his phone. you had no way to reach him. - correct. he totally-- i mean i had his phone number one day, got ahold of him. an hour later-- the next day i called, he was fine. i told him, i said, "look, you really need to come home." left him a voicemail. called back an hour later and the phone was disconnected. i called his mother shortly after that, she said, "oh, it must just be bad reception." and his mom lives in texas. i've never met his mom in person. i've only met her over the phone. never even skyped or anything. and i mean, it was just very interesting to me that she would know more things that he was doing-- like he would call her but wouldn't call me. so that was very heartbreaking. i was like, "why wouldn't you just call me to find out how addison's doing? you should call to find out how your baby's doing." - how are you doing? i mean the reality is you may very well be raising these children on your own. - it's very scary. i mean like i said, all i wanted with him was to be married and to have kids and be happy.
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and you know, i thought everything was fine. i just got comfortable. we just started having money. and now i'm scared to death. every time he leaves even to go to the grocery store, i'm scared that he's not going to come back home. - what do you do to survive? to take care of the bills? - i waitress. it's very limited money. i waitress in a small town. tips are maybe $20 a night... at the most. - who watches your daughter when you're working? - she goes to daycare monday through friday. on the weekends i'm scrounging my sister, her husband, my mom, whoever i can find to watch her when he's gone, because i really depended on him to watch her. - so are you angry with him? - um, a part of me is angry with him. a part of me is angry at myself for letting it happen. i guess-- well, i mean now that he's been here, he's put a lot of blame on me so now i feel like a lot of it's my own fault. - what do you mean he's been here? - he's back at home now. but he has been putting a lot of blame on me.
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so i feel like i'm very insecure with my own self. - all right, you know, when we come back, a man who has some 'splaining to do. justin is here and he has a very different story. he's gonna come out here next. please stay with us. - justin, i say this in all due respect, but you've gotta step up and be a man. you know what i mean? as a parent, it means that you work through these issues or you call it quits, but you don't play tennis back and forth because the kids will suffer. either way, step up. - and later... there are people that are suggesting you give this baby up for adoption. - yes. - they would rather this baby go to a two-parent household rather than you raise this baby on your own. - oh, i don't want to upset you. - i'm sorry.
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- welcome back. we're talking with lanaya. after weeks of not hearing from justin, justin finally did make contact with you. what was that about? - um, he did contact me. he told me that he loved me and he loved our daughter and he missed us and that he'd be coming home very soon, within the next few days. um, he told me he was having car problems and i did help him out with his car problems. tried to get him back home and-- - like a specific part had broken. - he had a tires issue. so i got him two new tires to put on his car. - and he still never showed up when he said he was going to. - he did not show up, correct. when he called back a week later, said, you know, i'm willing to do all this. you need to admit that you were wrong. you need to treat me better. you need to do all these up and down things, um, differently. and he basically told me "you have to change your ways in order for me to come home and prove me differently that you've changed." and i told him, you know, as much as i could do
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and tell him, you know, "look, i've done this. i know what it's like to be a single mom for a few weeks. and i know exactly how hard it is on me. and we miss you and you need to come home too." and he did agree. i told him i was going to be picking him up at 6:00 that evening. it was four hours later at 10:00 when he actually finally did meet me at a place and get in the car and did decide to come home. - well, there are two sides to every story. in fact there's probably three, right? let's hear from justin and hear what he has to say. justin, come on out. hi, justin, welcome. - hello. - thanks for being here. so does any of this ring a bell to you? - i know you have your own version of things. - yeah, a little bit. - so where were you for those five weeks? - i ended up staying at some friends' houses. - and why is that, when you have a daughter to raise? - uh, just it's really hard for me to keep on going
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with a woman that has hurt me so much and has so much stress issues. when i proved the fact that i wanted to be there for her and help her out, but she just kept on pushing me away. - so is that it? you have a problem with the fact that she gives more attention to your daughter than to you? - no, that's not it at all, actually. - what is it? - it's just like the... whole five years has been a whole battle, like a war between me and her. and it's nothing that i can even, you know, kinda say on national tv at all. so i'm not gonna say it, but it's been a hard life for me. and it just keeps on getting worse by when day goes on, you know. - then why have another child? if it's hard with the one you have... - i think battles are-- always come around. and if you can solve them, then you've defeated that battle
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and you just keep on moving on. - but by running away from the daughter you have, you're not going to be solving any "battles." - yeah, right. - so why'd you come back? - uh, i came back because i missed my daughter. like, i'd open my wallet and be like-- you know, i have a picture in my wallet of my daughter. people had told me not to go back, but i did anyways. - so you're saying you miss her, so it's like selfish. it's like you're going for your own needs. what about the fact that your daughter needs a father figure? - that's why i came back. that's why i came back-- for my daughter. not for her. - not for her? - no. - but don't you think your daughter's mother needs a partner to help raise her? - yes, but also i believe that if a lot of fighting wasn't going around and screaming around my daughter, then i wouldn't leave all the time. we would fight all the time. screaming and fighting, that's all we'd do. - so where does the relationship stand now between the two of you? - he's here when he wants to be and he's not when he wants.
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i mean, he-- it-- it's whatever he wants to do. i mean, i told him, i said, "the door's open. if you want in, you can stay in." i'm kinda like "you either need to be here or not be here." - and that's okay by you? - i would like him to be part of our lives. that's what i want. that's all i've ever wanted, but i feel like i can't make him happy, so-- - all right, i gotta-- i gotta get one of my favorite people in here. dr. david swanson is here. what do you make of this? i mean it seems to me they're still kids. - to me, this is very disappointing. and, justin, i say this in all due respect, but you've gotta step up and be a man. you know what i mean? it's not easy. it's not easy, there's a lot of pressure. and i know there's much more to the story too. for you and justin's mom not to talk and you've got a four-month-old and this is the first time you're-- there's serious communication issues here. okay? i'm sure both of you have your own individual issues. and when you bring them to the table, i'm sure it's not easy. but listen, to be an adult, to step up and take responsibility
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as a parent means that you work through these issues or you call it quits, but you don't play tennis back and forth because the kids will suffer. i'm telling you, your kids will suffer as a result. make a decision. stick with it, fight through it or move on and call it quits. either way, step up. - so how do they come to that conclusion? do you live in the same household now? - yes. - yeah, but also the issue with that, basically like me not being a man, i know i take care of my daughter very well. i mean very well. i'm always there. i'm always there for her. - he is really good for addison. - where were you-- but the five weeks you weren't there? the five weeks of her life. - there was a reason though. the reason was because i couldn't take the fighting no more. i didn't want to see my daughter cry when all we're doing is screaming and fighting all the time. every day. - so you turned your phone off. - so very different-- i left. - you weren't reachable. - for that reason-- i was sick and tired of fighting. - there's a point to be had here. and i don't think it's healthy
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to fight as much in front of the kids in a house. but you go see a minister at a church. you go see a therapist. you find somebody who can help you work it out. i have a feeling that there's some depression playing out here. i have a feeling that you both are bringing issues of abandonment and disconnect to this relationship. and you both have needs when you're with each other that aren't being met. i don't think either one of you is trying to be a bad person here. but imagine what it's like for your child to think you're coming over and you don't arrive. imagine what that feels like for your kid who loves you, who's going to look up to you and want you to be there. that's where the change has to happen. that's why i say if they say there's too much fighting, we weren't meant to be together, then you're not, but at least your child knows when you're coming and when you're not. and that's very important. if you don't do that, your kid's going to be met with a lot of illness-- anxiety, depression, you name it. gotta work it out. - so yeah, where do they turn from here? it seems-- i mean financially they need each other. you know? - my understanding is you have a great aftercare staff
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who's going to provide you with a packet of resources in your area and i encourage you to take those opportunities to invest and see if you guys can't save this relationship for your kids. - and they need to come together and think about what is in the best interests of your daughter. thank you for being here. up next, she found out she was pregnant on her wedding day then she found out she really hadn't had a wedding. it was a sham. now she's getting ready to raise a baby by herself. her story when we come back. - but you never signed anything. - right. so we kind of went on from there. although he was quite a different person after the wedding day. he was kind of cold and distant and really uninterested in me. - and later... - it absolutely gets easier. but you have to choose to make it easier.
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i made three promises to my husband. and those three promises, just three things have led me back to life. - what are those promises?
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- welcome back. we're talking with women who've found themselves pregnant and suddenly single. our next guest says she's still recovering from the shock of her marriage falling apart-- and i use the word "marriage" loosely.
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please welcome amy. hi, welcome. thanks for being here. your story is cra-aazy. okay, so you were in london about to get married when you learned you were pregnant. - yes. - how did your fiance take it? - well, he was really excited at first and so was i. it's something that we really wanted and-- to start a family together. and so-- - you were together for a long time? - um, we were together since about-- since the beginning of the year. so it was kind of a whirlwind relationship. but i really loved and cared about him and it seemed like a good thing at the time. - okay, so he was a brit? - well, he's welsh. - okay okay. - living in england. - so you were gonna get married there. you thought you did get married there. - yes. - okay, so so-- come to find out it wasn't a legal wedding? - right. there was a lot of complications that we ran into getting the marriage license, and so--
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- so like what? what kind of complications? - like we had some, um, appointments with the people in england to get the marriage license and i would-- my passport would all of a sudden be missing or i would be-- we would get on a wrong train accidentally, things like that. so things that i just thought were completely out of our hands, but i may have been wrong. - like looking back now, do you think that he had something to do with that? - it's speculation, but it could have been. all i know is it didn't happen. and so on our-- on our wedding day, we actually just had a ring ceremony and my fiance said he had it all taken care of with a lawyer by court order in gibraltar. so that was the story and it was very convincing. and there were-- - so what, the license and all, like, the paperwork was done in gibraltar,
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so you were legally married, but you never signed anything. - right. that's why a few days later i started thinking about that. "i never signed anything." - ( scattered laughter ) - i know, i know. blame it on the pregnancy. so anyways, i, um, i talked to him about it. because at this point it hadn't occurred to me that-- that it may have been a scam. and so he told me that he'd gone up to london and figured things out and saw paperwork and all of this stuff. it just-- it ended up-- and i believed him. so we kind of went on from there, although he did-- he was quite a different person after the wedding day. um, he was kind of cold and distant and inattentive and really uninterested in me. and i didn't know if it was because we were pregnant and the reality of it all was setting in or what, but-- but it was-- it was getting to be not a happy situation.
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- so were you planning to reside in the u.k.? - we were-- from the beginning we were planning on being in the u.s. and getting pregnant was-- was looking like it could help our situation, so i ended up coming back to utah, which is where i was from, filed all the paperwork that was necessary. and then he tried to get in but got stuck in canada. so i ended up going and meeting him in canada. and we lived there for a little while. and our relationship-- the situation just got worse. and, um, and he grew more volatile. and he started lying a lot, just about really-- just inconsequential things that didn't matter. and it was really hurtful to me. and i-- i mean i would-- 'cause i'm a very trusting person. which is how i prefer to be and how i plan to stay. and i didn't lie to him, so i couldn't really understand. and i would just cry and say "why?
9:21 am
why do you lie to me when it hurts so much?" and i remember one day he just said-- sorry, i'm gonna cry. ( sobs ) he said, "because it's fun." - audience: oh. - ricki: ugh. - and i started getting really scared at that point. 'cause i didn't know what he was capable of. and you know, then the lies, it grew to all sorts of things. and it finally came to a point where i left because i couldn't put my child through that.
9:22 am
- that may be one of the biggest favors he did for you-- was make sure he didn't marry you legally. - yeah. oh no, there's a lot of blessings in the mix. um, so i came home. you know, i still didn't know at that point it wasn't legal, but i had this feeling. and, um-- - let me just take a quick break. 'cause you're now in utah. he's still-- - yeah, sorry, i left. - he couldn't come into this country. - right. - when we come back amy comes back home and the reception is anything but welcoming. the cold shoulder she got from an entire community next. - what you're describing is a sociopath. it might be a blessing that an ocean keeps you apart. - this father-- i mean he can't come into the country. does he have any legal rights? new almay cc cream is kind of a it covers, corrects, clarifies.
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- welcome back. we are talking with amy who found out her marriage was a fraud and her so-called husband was too. i mean, it's devastating. you're now five months pregnant, you've moved back to utah and you're living with your family. but your family has not really welcomed you
9:26 am
with open arms? - no no, my family was amazing. my family was very-- - okay, it's the community. okay, thank you for clarifying. - yeah, and i don't want to be so hyperbolic as to say that it was the entire community. because there were a lot of people that were very welcoming and very supportive of my situation. but it's a tricky place that i live, because it's a predominantly mormon community. i'm mormon and i love being a mormon. and-- but there's-- um, there's a high expectation when it comes to family life. and it's actually, to me, one of the most beautiful things about the gospel that is preached is the importance of family. - and a two-- two-parent household. - right right. there's a lot of emphasis put on that nuclear family-- the mother, the father. um, and i mean, that's-- it's important. but... - so are people in the community, and i'm not saying everyone, but there are people that are suggesting that you give this baby up for adoption. - yes, yeah.
9:27 am
- they would rather this baby go to a two-parent household rather than you raise this baby on your own. oh, i don't want to upset you. - i'm sorry. it's been one of the hardest things for me. is... ( sobs ) is being just expected to place my son for adoption. and i don't find anything wrong with adoption at all. i have siblings that are adopted. i have people very close to me that have placed their children for adoption for very loving purposes. but, um... you know, there are comments that come.
9:28 am
and it's usually from people that i'm not close to, that don't know my situation, um, and who have never asked me any questions surrounding it. and... and there's people that will go to my parents and say, "you know, i know so-and-so who can't have children." and bless their hearts. i mean it's a wonderful thing. but i'm-- i'm already so in love with my son and so attached. and i know that i can't guarantee him a lot of things in life, but i can guarantee him love. but yeah, it's been hard. but there has been a lot of support as well. - so your parents are standing by you 100%? - my whole family. i come from a huge family. they're just... they are by my side.
9:29 am
and they've been by my side every step of the way. so they've been great. i have wonderful friends. i have a really really good support system. so i'm really happy about that. - well, something tells me she's gonna be a great mama. and-- and this guy did you a favor by scamming you. you know? really. - yeah yeah. i got the better end of the deal. - let me bring dr. swanson back in. david? can you-- what is the situation? like, what-- what advice can you have for this mama who clearly seems to have her head screwed on straight considering what she's been through? - first of all, i think you deserve a world of praise. you are a selfless mother. you have your best child's interests at heart here. i don't think the armchair people on the side who are telling you to give the child up for adoption have that same interest. all right? you're a wonderful mother. you keep doing what you're doing. if the gospel talks about the need to be around a nuclear family, well, you've got your family. okay? and in the end, there's only one person you answer to and that is god.
9:30 am
- i agree. thank you. - i know you're not a lawyer, but what about this-- this father in the-- i mean he can't come into this country. does he have any legal rights? - ricki, that's a great point. what you're describing is a sociopath. this is somebody who, quite honestly, could get violent. about 20% of cases you'll find these people getting violent when they don't get what they want. for somebody to say to you "i enjoy causing you pain," it might be a blessing that an ocean keeps you apart. - yeah, i agree. - but let's hope there's-- you know, he can't come into this country for as far as-- forever? - i hope so. i hope so. i don't know what the future holds in that regard, but i'll do everything i can to keep my child safe. so. - well, we wish you the best. thank you again for being here, amy. - thank you.
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- up next, a woman gives birth and then almost immediately loses her fiance to violence. now she's trying to pick up the pieces and raise their baby on her own. her story when we come back. - he said, "babe, i'm gonna play basketball and i'll be home around 6:00." around 4:00, 4:15 i got a phone call from his mom. she said "i got a call saying that he was shot in the back and he's laid out on the basketball court." i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done the impossible. you made gluten-free cereals in a whole bunch of yummy flavors. cinnamon chex and honey nut chex are two of our favorites. when my husband found the chocolate one, we were in cereal heaven. the only problem is, with so many great flavors you're making it very hard to choose.
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- we have been talking to pregnant women who have found themselves suddenly single. our next guest wasn't single when her son was born, but she ended up that way just weeks later when tragedy struck. please welcome asheena. mm!
9:35 am
thank you for being here. - thank you. - i'm so sorry it's under these circumstances. if you wouldn't mind, can you please tell us what happened to your fiance? - it happened last year, june 3rd, on a sunday. and around... around 3:30 i spoke to him. and we was... talking about what he wanted to eat for dinner and we'd always make jokes about our son, if he was going to say "mommy" or "daddy" first. so he said, "babe, i'm gonna play basketball and i'll be home around 6:00. i'll talk to you later. i love you." then... around 4:00, 4:15 i got a phone call from his mom. and she's like, "asheena, where's hakim?" i said, "ma, i just got off the phone with him.
9:36 am
he's playing basketball." she said, "i got a call saying that he was shot in the back and he's laid out on the basketball court." i said, "that's impossible. i just spoke to him." she said, "i'm gonna call you back." i got the call back to come down to the hospital. they had him in i.c.u. and they was working on him. but you know when you're connected to someone, you know that something's not right? so when i got there and i knew that he didn't make it. so a few hours went by and the doctor came out and said he was dead. - and your baby was how old? - he just turned two months. - what was your relationship like? - it was great. i mean every relationship has its ups and downs. but we were together for almost five years and that was like my best friend, my other half. like we had so much planned in the next few weeks. and just to see it all gone just like that. - what was he like with his baby?
9:37 am
- that was his pride and joy. my son has his name-- that's his junior. and that was his everything. he wanted more than anything to have that little boy. - and so what is life-- oh. what-- i know it's been almost a year. what has your life been like? you did not plan on being a single mom. i'm so sorry. - ( sniffles ) it's-- it's been-- it's been tough. i've been keeping a strong face for everyone and everyone's telling me i'm so strong. "you're doing so great, asheena." it's because my fiance was such a strong person. he would rarely let emotions show unless it really got to him. so, like, i try to keep that same way how he was for my son. 'cause i don't want my son to see me break down. i don't want no one else to see me break down and feel that i can't take on the world, 'cause i feel like i can. and i've been put in a position now that i have no choice but to. and it-- it's not easy, but i'm doing the best i can.
9:38 am
- and who's your support system? who's there for you? - my mom and my best friend. and they just-- they've been there from day one. with everything and just been keep pushing me and keep pushing me to just try to move on. it's just hard. - and how did they-- did they catch the guy who did this? there were three people shot that day. - four. - four. so how do you take care of your son and provide for yourself? - i work and my mom watches my son for me while i'm at work. after everything happened i ended up moving back with her. so she could just-- i feel comfortable knowing that she has my son. and i just work and i do whatever i have to do to make sure my son is okay. - you're amazing. i mean is it hard some days to just keep going? - it's hard. i still cry at night. i still feel like it's a nightmare that i'm just reliving and he's just gonna walk through the door. and it's-- and life is gonna go on.
9:39 am
- does your son have a lot of his qualities? - he does. he has a lot of my-- his dad's features. he has the same little temper when he gets mad like his dad. and he's just-- like he's just a bundle of joy. that's-- that's my heartbeat. - ( hums ) when we return more with asheena, and we'll meet a woman with the same story but a different ending. please stay with us. - i heard the swish of his jacket as he left the room. i was able to let out a small little grunt and he came back and leaned over and gave me a kiss and it was the last kiss that i got from him. with new all natural lean cuisine honestly good.
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- asheena's fiance died just weeks after their son was born and right before their wedding day. you were due to get married two months after? - on his birthday, august 21st. - oh, it just-- kills me. our next guest can relate. she was pregnant with her third child when her husband was killed. please welcome jodie. hi, jodie. thank you so much for being here. - thank you. - i'm so sorry for your loss as well. - thank you. - what was the hardest part for you in dealing with the grief? you had three children of your own at the time. - right. the hardest part is all the damned decisions. really. and they literally start the day of the death. and my husband died on november 11th of 2008. and we woke up like every other day. my husband jumped out of bed. he jumped out of bed every single day.
9:44 am
just happy to be here. and i was the wife that just needed five more minutes of sleep. you know? i just-- just leave me alone. we had an agreement every morning that he would just leave, because he left so early, and not give me a kiss. and on this particular morning he was leaving for a routine rotator cuff surgery. and i-- it was very dark and i heard the swish of his jacket as he left the room. and i got this-- this burning desire. you know the ones that come up from the root of your soul. and i knew i needed to make another decision there. i needed to call him back and i was able to let out a small little grunt of sorts. and he came back and leaned over and gave me a kiss. and it was the last kiss that i got from him. and a couple hours later i got the call that nobody wants to get. and it was a nurse on the other end
9:45 am
telling me that my husband had coded on the table. so i decided again at that point that i was going to continue to have hope. he was still alive. and for eight hours i held on to that hope. and then they brought us into-- all the people that i love, you know, my family and my friends. they brought us into this small room of the hospital and told me that my husband was pronounced dead. and at that point i found myself huddled in a ball and holding my pregnant belly. and i had one of those out-of-body experiences where you literally see yourself-- like in the movies-- looking down at myself and-- and i hated it. i did not like the feeling. it was dark. it was lonely. it was, um, it was not a feeling that i ever wanted to feel. and i heard my father-in-law's voice say two words: "my grandbabies."
9:46 am
and i made the decision right then that i was going to do something, that i was going to make some good things come out of this. and i made the decision-- - how? - i don't know. it was from something much greater than myself. i tuned in and-- - how pregnant were you at that time? - i was 15 weeks pregnant. - and so how old were your other children? - they were five and two. - so how do you explain that to them? their healthy dad goes in for-- how do you explain that to anyone? a routine surgery. - you just find the words. they, um-- and you have to be as honest as you can with children. very careful with your words so that you don't set up these-- these false misconceptions about death. so i try to be as honest with my children as i can as to what happened, and without letting their little minds wander to places that they don't need to. so we have a very open relationship, very open conversations with each other.
9:47 am
- so what advice do you have for asheena, who's still so raw? it hasn't even been a year. - mm-hmm. - does it get easier? - well-- it absolutely gets easier. but you have to make-- it's-- it's the decision. you have to choose to make it easier. i made three promises to my husband. and those three promises, just three things have led me back to life in these four years. and now i get to use those three promises for other people and my clients. - what are those promises? - those promises are that i was going to love like i had never known love before. never willingly holding back on it. all those times where i wanted to say something, where i wanted to reach out, where i wanted to stop him as he left the room, i was determined to do that. and my second promise is that i was going to be stronger than i ever knew possible. and what that meant was that
9:48 am
i was going to be fit in mind, body and spirit so i wasn't a mother who was having to chase after her kids, wondering what they're doing, you know, what's going on. i needed to be ahead of my kids. i wasn't going to get any younger. and my third promise is that i was going to live. i was going to choose to live and to make this life the greatest life story that i have ever known. and that meant that i needed to let go of anything holding me back, anything that was keeping me from growing-- anyone anything. - wow. well, you are an inspiration for us all. amazing. oh, not a dry eye in the house. oh my goodness. up next we have a little help for all of our suddenly single moms, including a few surprises. stay with us.
9:49 am
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or just act kids scooby-doo rinse. it tastes great and helps reduce cavities up to 40%. so it's all good. act kids. tryapzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. - oh, we've heard some incredible and heartbreaking stories from our moms and our moms-to-be. jodie, i know you have something for asheena and amy and lanaya. - yes, so, ladies, i am here to offer inspiration and hope and some skills and tools. i, two years ago, quit my job in the teaching profession and i am now a life coach. and i coach other widows and women who are needing to let go of all the things that they are supposed to be and do and all the things that they should do and be and back to the soul that they were born to be.
9:53 am
- that is amazing. something tells me you're a darned good life coach. - oh, thank you. so what i'm going to offer you are my services for the year. and we can talk after the show to see what's going to be the best option because there's all kinds of different ways we can go about it. - does that sound good? - yes. thank you. - all right, thank you so much, jodie. that's invaluable. - thank you. it is invaluable. - that's amazing. thank you. all right, but that is not all. we are also hooking each of you up with some single parenting assistance in your hometown. and also we have this: an ergobaby baby carrier; a 4 moms mamaroo bouncer which even has a dock for your ipod. - oh my god. - an ubbi diaper pail; and $200 gift certificate to finn+emma. plus you're all getting the orbit baby stroller g2. - ( gasps ) - nice. very nice. thank you, maura. - thank you. - oh, thank you. - i want to give a huge thank you
9:54 am
to dr. david swanson, amy, lanaya, asheena and jodie for being here today. a wise person once said mothers hold their children's hands for a short time but their hearts forever. thank you for watching. see you next time.
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>> announcer: and now enter into the courtroom of the judges mathis. plaintiff taneta brownly is a single mother and the defendant is her middle daughter . she and the defendant had a good relationship until her daughter started to date abusive men. she is suing her daughter for a value of a car ask registration fees and harassment and the defendant tashina brawnly said after they divorced she started to use drugs and she asked her
9:57 am
to take the drug test for her. show filed a restraining order against her mother after she threatened her and she is counter suing for a loan and emotional distress . >> judge mathis: start with you . >> plaintiff: this is my daughter tasheena, my middle daughter. i have three. i am a single mother and tasheena mother is a sickle cell patient. her and her sister, i was over protective because they were sickly so much. and me and tasheena never had any problems with her. she was just the average i don't want to do anything. that is the only problem i had up until recently. and the recent problems started i don't think because of her. i think she was influenced from the abusive men she had in her life. >> judge mathis: what did they influence her to do? >> plaintiff: two of them had
9:58 am
literally made her to put them in jail one for beating her up and one for stalking. i made her put them in jail. >> judge mathis: what did they influence her? >> plaintiff: her decision one of the reasons i am here because of her saying that i stole my own car. >> judge mathis: this incident is the only reason. >> plaintiff: i think they influenced her decision on the different things she has done. in the past year she was on the road and while she was on the road, she would call me with different stories of things happening to her and no matter what happened to her, i told her it would be okay. i would help her. and she got into altercations on the road. >> judge mathis: what do you think >> plaintiff: she was selling magazines . >> judge mathis: she would have
9:59 am
altercation and because she would be influenced? >> plaintiff: yes, she call would me in february and told me she was married. i didn't never meet him, but -- >> judge mathis: let me hear from you. >> defendant: me and my mother had a good relationship and everything started to go down hill once my mother got a divorce from my father. when she divorced my father at 14 she stopped being home. my oldest sister and my grand father here today were the main ones there. there was a time when my mother got drugged at the club and missing for two days and we didn't know where she was because she was out partying instead of being at home. >> judge mathis: is this true? >> plaintiff: shy is a liar. >> judge mathis: you were not out party using drugs. >> plaintiff: someone put something in my drink and i was at the hospital. >> judge mathis: go ahead.


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